The Different Styles of Dirt Bikes Available

If you’re totally new to dirt biking, then the variety of different styles to choose from can be overwhelming. Which type of bike are you interested in? What size? Do you want a two or four stroke model?

We’re in the best position to advise you in regard to what type of bike will work the best for you. However, here, we’ll simply provide you with some basic information on the different styles of bikes available in order to help you determine which type of bike is the right choice for you, based on style, size, application, and more.

On-Road and Off-Road Riding

Whether you want a bike that is just off-road, one that’s designed for on-road use, or one that can handle both can help you to narrow down your choices in terms of finding a perfect bike. Some bike enthusiasts believe that with a dual sports bike there are many compromises you’ll have to deal with in regard to this design, and while that’s somewhat true, you can still purchase a bike that offers excellent off-road versatility.

Bikes for Recreational Use

If you’re a beginner, then you’ll want to start with a bike that’s designed for recreational use. These bikes are beginner-friendly, feature a comfortable seat, and are very forgiving. They’re also affordable, low maintenance and usually come equipped with four-stroke air cooled engines.

Trail Motocross Bikes

 These bikes tend to fall in a sort of catch-all category, considering there are a variety of bikes that are tuned for a specific application within this category. Basically, these bikes are competition ready, high performance, high compression, liquid cooled, and high-tech. The seats are also often placed in a higher position in order to provide longer suspension travel and better ground clearance.


These are the bikes that are specifically designed for motocross competitions. These are very high-performance models that come loaded with transmissions, engines, and the type of stiff suspension needed for motocross riding.

A Perfect Bike

As you can see, there are a few major categories that a dirt bike will fall into. Choosing one based on your budget, skill level, and where you want to ride can be very important. Remember, riding a bike that’s comfortable and designed with your needs in mind will help you learn how to easily handle the road and other types of challenging terrain while allowing you to truly experience the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

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