Dirt Bike Routine Maintenance

Learning about proper dirt bike routine maintenance will not only mean you’ll enjoy your ride each and every time, but it can also ensure that your bike is safe and in top shape. But beginners often don’t know much about the maintenance needs of dirt bikes or how to keep them in proper running order. Below you’ll find a list of the top maintenance tips that will make your bike both road safe and trail ready.

Keep that Bike Clean

 You should wash your bike after each ride. When you wash it, make sure you keep it simple and use several brushes and a bucket of water to get the mud, dirt, and road gunk off. You can also use a pressure washer, however, you must be very careful to deflect the water away from the bike since you don’t want to force dirt and water into areas that can actually damage the electrical components or the engine. To prevent any damage you can use an airbox cover in order to seal off the carb from debris and water.

You may need to allow the mud on the bike to dry overnight if the chain is particularly muddy. Doing so will make it much easier to clean using a nylon brush.

Safety Inspection

Once your bike is clean, dry it off and carefully inspect it. You should be looking for leaks, such as oil drips on the ground, or brake fluid or coolant.

Next, check the bike chain and be sure to use a high-quality chain lube from brands such as Bel-Ray. Once the chain has been lubed pay attention to the chain’s tension. It should not be too taut because there should be some slack in order to compensate for the suspension.

Check the Hardware

Search for loose bolts and other types of loose hardware, which can loosen due to extreme vibration.

Cables and Controls

Inspect the clutch cables and the throttle. Replace the cables if they become kinked or frayed. Next, test the throttle control to ensure there’s the right amount of free play. You can place the bike on a stand and let it idle for a while in order to determine if it has enough free play or not.

Oil Change

Since your bike spends so much time in the mud or dirt you’ll need to change the oil often. Some riders recommend changing the oil after every ride while others will change it after every ten hours of use. If you’re not sure how often you should change the oil, check the bike’s operating manual and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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