About Us

At Aprilia SXV Supermoto Specialists we pride ourselves on offering the widest selection on motocross engines, parts, and supplies. We started off as a small family business over ten years ago and have since expanded due to our success and reputation for obtaining those hard to find parts that many mechanics and do-it-yourselfers are always on the lookout for.

A Company You Can Rely On

You’ll love our wide selection of high-quality motocross engines, accessories, and parts that are from the leading brands. We also make it a goal to offer the very best customer service which includes easy returns and low-cost or free shipping. Our team is committed to ensuring you’re one hundred percent satisfied with our products and your experience buying from us.

Lowest Prices Around

We work hard to provide every customer with the best prices. Unlike the competition, we don’t hike up the price just to make an extra buck. We believe in giving our customers the best deals around and guarantee that you won’t find any engine, parts, or accessories offered for less from any of our competitors.

Why You Can Shop with Confidence

We have a history of supporting motocross racing for years and we’re proud at how this sport has grown and thrived. We’re here because we love the sport and everything it has to offer, and we believe it shows whenever we discuss building options, parts, and anything moto related with our customers. When you shop with us you can feel confident that our knowledgeable staff is every bit as passionate about building bikes as you are. In fact, we make it a point to help you choose the best parts and engine models based on quality and performance, in order to ensure you end up with a bike that’s powerful, fast, and safe.